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What is G DATA?


  • You have chosen G DATA Antivirus to protect your system from viruses. This software has been produced by a group that has more than 15 years of involvement in the field of infection improvement. It is the most emerged programming innovation at the market available for battling infections. Simple to use for everybody, yet regarding the most primary security necessities – these have been the essential objectives that have gone into the improvement of G DATA Antivirus.

How G DATA Support and Licensing:

  • There is no time limitation on the product license. It has value covers the total number of customer PCs secured by G DATA Antivirus, paying little respect to whether they are being utilized as servers or workstation PCs.

  • G DATA Antivirus Management Server: administration programming for servers running Windows Vista, 2000 and Windows XP Professional (ideally server adaptations), Windows 2003 Server
  • G DATA Antivirus Administrator: administration programming for G DATA AntiVirus Management Server for Windows Vista, 2000, XP or Windows 2003 Server
  • G DATA AntiVirus Client: customer programming giving infection security to workstation PCs and servers running Windows Vista, 2000, XP or Windows 2003 Server
  • Use of the Emergency AntiVirus Service to dissect suspicious records
  • Utilization of the Premium Hotline through phone, fax or email.
  • G DATA Features:
  • G DATA AntiVirus gives halfway controlled infection insurance to your business. The Management Server deals with all customers on work areas, workstations, and record servers. All customer forms are shrouded – clients can't alter the security levels
  • Award-winning technology:
  • DoubleScan: award-winning virus detection using two virus scanner modules.
  • OutbreakShield instant protection against new viruses. Blocks infected emails within minutes of a virus outbreak.
  • OutbreakShield and DoubleScan complement each other perfectly, providing three protective shields.

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