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Baidu Antivirus


Baidu Antivirus

Why Baidu Antivirus?

  • Baidu Antivirus is 100% free, until the end of time! You can make certain that there are no shrouded expenses or actuation codes, no confined capacities and no restriction to the number of PCs you can introduce it on. We are focused on giving you predominant antivirus innovation and a fantastic client involvement with no cost to you.

Real-Time System Protection

Baidu Antivirus proactively secures your framework against virus, trojans, and malicious Programs continuously with 5 barrier modules:

  • System Protection: Protects basic framework areas that can be effortlessly penetrated by pernicious projects and trojans.
  • Webpage Protection: Protects your Internet security by blocking and impairing "phishing" assaults, trojans, false substance, and different vindictive sites.
  • USB Flash Drive Protection: Protects your PC security by filtering and keeping your USB streak drive and other portable stockpiling gadgets from conveying infections and Trojans when embedded into your PC.
  • Browser and Homepage Protection: Prevents vindictive projects from messing with your program and landing page settings.
  • Download Protection: Scans downloaded records progressively to forestall infections, trojans, and pernicious projects from tainting your PC.

Proactive Defense

  • Not at all like less propelled infection applications, Baidu Antivirus gives nearby proactive resistance and Cloud proactive guard to totally shield your Computer from attack by obscure vindictive programming.

Why us?

With our savvy innovation, we straightforwardly screen a program's conduct locally to decide whether it is an infection while progressively recognizing and portraying the code in the cloud quickly and accurately resolve the issues. Baidu Antivirus supports English, Thai, and Portuguese and gives an interpretation apparatus so you can utilize the dialect you favor. We offer neighborhood client benefit delegates in an assortment of nations and we welcome you to get in touch with them all day, every day in the event that you require help. You are assured of:

  • Assured Troubleshoot
  • Skilled Professionals
  • Remote access to clients/ Prompt online support
  • Always there for you (24 * 7)
  • Affordable and hassle-free service

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